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A Powerful Facility

OTC Transformer Repair FacilityOur Scope of Services

  • Dry-type remanufacturing ranging from 480V class specialty transformers up to 10 MVA, 35 kV class power transformers
  • Liquid-filled remanufacturing for small to medium-power transformers up through 100 MVA, 230 kV
  • Field Service for repairs, maintenance and testing on-site
  • Repair for all types of transformers up through 150 MVA, 230 kV
  • New manufacture
  • Strategic storage of customer owned transformers for on-demand situations
  • Parts inventory and tracking system to ensure availability


General Facility

  • 100,000 square foot facility on 16 acre site
  • 100-ton overhead crane
  • 37 foot hook height
  • Direct rail spur into the facility


Manufacturing Facilities

  • Two industrial bake-out ovens for drying and heating prior to sizing
  • 4 Vacuum chambers for core and coil dry-out and processing
  •  Two enclosed spray paint booths
  • Two core tables for replacement of original core insulation
  • Vacuum degasification, regeneration and filtration equipment to renew transformer oils
  • Oil Storage/Processing: 80,000 gallon capacity storage tanks adjacent to facility with NEW vacuum degasification system and Fuller’s earth treatment facility with 1/2 micron filters


Winding Facilities

  • New refurbished 12,000 square foot facility
  • Complete segregation from other manufacturing areas
  • Dedicated oven for coil sizing
  • Seven winding machines
  • Ability to wind vertical shell
  • Hydraulic coil up-ender and hydraulic coil press
  • Stock dry and oil type insulation


Test Facilities

  • Testing capability in excess of 850 kV BIL
  • Two separate test stations comprised of 3,000 square feet
  • Test substation with 10 MVA, 0-10 kV regulator and 480 v to 69 kV step up
  • Six LV and HV capacitor racks for power factor correction
  • High accuracy loss measurement system 100 kV / 2000 Amp
  • 400 kV Hipot
  • Digital impulse measurement system with 1.4 MV seven stage generator; 10 kJ per stage
  • Simultaneous/Digital Partial Discharge and RIV measurement equipment
  • Enclosed test booth with segregated room for customer witness