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New Transformers

otc services new transformerAdvanced technology transformers designed and manufactured to meet your demands

With the integration of OTC Services into the SGB-Smit group, we now bring over 100 years of transformer design and manufacturing experience to the market. All of our transformers are designed for short circuit withstand and tested in accordance with the latest ANSI/IEEE standards. With the strength of our designs, utilization of the highest quality materials, and our attention to detail, you can be assured of owning an efficient and reliable new transformer.

Our new manufacturing includes units up to 138 kV and 30 MVA. Load Tap Changing Equipment can also be provided.

We will work with you on custom designed units to fit your required profile of existing or newly manufactured electrical systems.

Our standard gauge and component package can be upgraded to your unique specifications.


Turnkey Installation and Support Services

Well beyond the purchase of your new transformer we offer installation and support that you need to keep your operation up and running.

  • Installation and dress-out
  • Removal of existing unit
  • Complete field service capabilities
  • Parts
  • Shop remanufacture and repair



All new manufactured transformers come with a five year manufacturer’s warranty.


Experience that you can count on

With experience dating back to the 70’s, OTC Services has an excellent reputation of experience, craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology, and customer service.