Your dedicated partner of the SGB-SMIT Group

Transformer Field Service

otc services transformer field serviceOTC Field Service provides superior turnkey service.

We use highly skilled field technicians along with the latest technology in oil processing equipment. Our transformer field service rigs are equipped with SESCO oil processors along with all the tools and equipment to handle your on-site needs from tear-down to final acceptance testing.

Our field service coupled with our remanufacturing engineers and facilities offers unique and cost-effective solutions geared to keep your operations powered up.


Field Reconditioning and Accessory Replacement

  • Leak repair and gasket replacement
  • Controls and wiring upgrades and modifications
  • Cooling equipment repair and replacement
  • Gauge replacements and upgrades
  • Installation of protection and monitoring equipment

Turnkey Services

  • Transformer Relocation
  • Assembly, Installation and Commissioning for all OEM’s

Failure Investigation and Repair

  • Lead and NLTC Repair
  • Forensic Analysis

Preventative Maintenance

  • Internal Inspections (re-jacking or re-blocking)
  • Reliability assessment including spare parts
  • Electrical Testing

Load Tap Changers

  • LTC Inspection and Maintenance
  • LTC Replacement and Upgrades

Capacity Upgrades

Fluid Service

  • Oil reclamation, dehydration, or degasification
  • Vacuum filling

Electrical Testing

  • Turns Ratio, Insulation Resistance, Winding Resistance
  • Power Factor using Latest Doble Test Equipment
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis using Latest Doble Test Equipment
  • Full CT Testing

Oil Service

Need oil for a project? OTC Services can handle the headache of scheduling oil for a project so you don’t have to. Simply call us with the details and we will handle the scheduling of the oil and also the rescheduling since we all know that things change! With our state of the art equipment we can ensure the job is done right the first time.

Oil Processors

  • Trailer Mount 2400 GPH Purification System
  • Bush 1030 CFM Vacuum Pump
  • Bush 1530 CFM WV2000 Air Cooled Roots Booster
  • 4” Vacuum Lines
  • 2” Oil Lines
  • Doble Domino Moisture Analyzer Inlet/Outlet of Oil
  • In-line Dewpoint Monitor
  • 275 kW Generator

Tool Trucks

28’ Gooseneck trailers

  • Dew Point Meter
  • Various Hand Tools
  • Safety Equipment
  • Harnesses
  • Air Monitors
  • LOTO Equipment
  • Safety Poles
  • Test Equipment

Spare Parts

We also provide spare parts for OEM’s like SMIT/SGB transformers to give the customers a local source for replacement parts. If you need a part for your transformer we may be able to help you!