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Engineering for Transformer Performance

otc-services-engineeringEngineering for performance

OTC Services has an on-site design and engineering department staffed for electrical, mechanical and control engineering. 

Our new transformers are designed and tested in accordance with the latest ANSI/IEEE standards and are designed to fit your required profile of existing or newly manufactured electrical systems.

When remanufacturing your transformer our engineers design your transformer to eliminate weaknesses found that may have caused the failure. We provide a detailed inspection report before we begin.

Electrical Tools

  • Anderson FLD12
    • Calculates the impedance and simulates short circuit faults, and axial and radial forces and stresses in the winding
  • Ansys 
    • Helps solve any electromagnetic field problem
    • Verifies all dielectric clearances
    • Calculates eddy and stray losses accurately
  • Impulse Voltage Distribution Program
    • We verify our designs for impulse test by using impulse voltage distribution program developed by SGB Germany.
  • Design Calculation Sheet
    • Creates the axial and radial copper and insulation distribution in the transformer core window and calculates the impedance, losses and material weights
    • Program determines the most cost effective design for the customers technical specification
    • Calculates the core step dimensions for the optimal fill factor   
    • Generates the bill of materials
    • Calculates winding gradients, core gradients, winding hot spot and oil temperature rises
  • AutoCad

Mechanical Tools

  • SolidWorks
    • Creates complete 3D model of the transformer
    • 3D model allows verification of all critical dimensions, performs mechanical calculations and creates drawings 
    • 3D simulation package allows checking of all mechanical stresses in the material

Control Tools

  • SolidWorks Electrical and AutoCad
    • Control engineer uses AutoCad to create 2D wiring diagram and SolidWorks Electrical to create complete 3D model of control system of the transformer
    • SolidWorks Electrical can do all point to point wiring automatically so it reduces errors in wiring and numbering.